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The Hover-1 Liberty is a self balancing e-scooter or hoverboard. It has a max speed of 7.4 mph, a max weight capacity of 160lbs, and it can travel 3 miles on a full charge. It also comes with LED wheels and Bluetooth capabilities. Model: HY-LBTY.

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Wht is my hover board have a high pitched noise and then stop working?

My hover board after charging I turned it on and it suddenly had a high pitched noise every time the board was of and after riding for a couple seconds it stops working unexpectedly with the green light staying on and I wasn’t able to turn the board off till I unscrewed the half of the board with the power button and manually disconnected the cable leading to the battery. After re screwing in everything the noise continued but the hover board drove again and then the same thing happened so now I have repeteted what I did and I haven’t trying riding it again because of fear of the same stuff happening please help

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Without opening and viewing the boards, this is a tough one to answer. High pitched noise may be a servo motor that is unhappy, multiple components also make sad noises, just before they let the smoke out. If the board is unresponsive to the power switch, then something has gone wrong somewhere in the logic board. Be careful on the insides of these, as the batteries hold a bunch of energy, and we have all seen the videos of these types of boards having much flame come out when the pixies inside are angered.

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Ok so we found out sides working on this hover-1 and no plug

Well we got a plug how do I know if it's charging correctly


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