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Released in March 2016. Model SM-G891A.

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LCD replacement screen only

I'm trying to find a replacement LCD screen only. I have the digitizer fog with polarizer, loca, and a new front glass. But need the LCD screen and how do I combine the LCD and digitizer together?

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If I’m reading you correctly, you’ve purchased most of the separate parts of the display assembly and you’re looking for (a) a source for the LCD and (b) instructions on how to assemble it?

I think you’re confused. The parts you have are intended for professional screen assemblers/refurbishers, not DIY’ers, and require speciality tools and equipment to put together. When complete, the digitizer and screen are laminated together as a single unit. Here’s an example of a screen being assembled and laminated together. It’s not really something that a casual end-user can do at his dining room table, like putting a screen protector on a phone.

Some phones have separate digitizers and screens — you can replace the digitizer/glass independently of the screen — but the S7 Active is not one of those. You’d be best off buying a replacement unit — the screen and digitizer together. It will take a lot less time and effort, and you won’t have to invest in an expensive tools and equipment (and don’t forget about training/practice).

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Sorry to bump this, but if I were to open the phone up, would I need new adhesive on the rear of the LCD panel? Or would this adhesive re-stick given some heat and time to cool down?


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