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Le smartphone OnePlus de 5ème génération (OP5) est sorti le 20 juin 2017. Il s'agit du successeur du OnePlus 3T et du prédécesseur du OnePlus 5T.

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About the screen connecter


My Oneplus 5 screen got completely destroyed and it no longer displays anything, and I’m thinking of just changing the phone, but some of my very important files are on the phone and I so far didn’t enable USB debugging

So here’s what I’m thinking of doing:

I’ll connect any old screen I have around for any phone, just for the single purpose of enabling USB debugging. I’ll do that by having the screen only connected, I’m not gonna put it on place or anything. Connect, turn the phone while it’s still loose, enable debugging, disconnect it

My question is:

What type of screen connector does OP5 use? or more like, can I connect any screen on the market to it? or does it require a specific type or screen parts so it can output to them?

And thanks a lot

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As much as I would love for that to be possible, you can’t install a different type of screen. It needs to be a screen for that model. This applies to any phone on the market. Now there are screens that are compatible with another phone but from the same family and manufacturer. What I mean by this is, a OnePlus 5 screen can be used on a 5T screen and a iPhone 5S screen can be used on a iPhone SE.

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