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An affordable mid range laptop sold by Acer in mid 2015. This laptop comes with a Nvidia 940m graphics card, Intel i5-5200U CPU, and a 1080p display.

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Power adapter doesnt register and start charging when I hook it up

I will hook the charger onto teh PC and it will chime to signal that its charging, then chime again to signal that its unhooked, without any sort of interference by my part on the actual adapter. It will do this several times without me even touching the adapter. Ive already changed the AC adapter internals once and I’m still getting this problem. Ive had to learn to mess around with it so that it will charge without issue but it is super unreliable and I’m afraid that one of these days it wont work anymore. I need to solve this before that happens. Help.

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probably you are facing voltage issue with your Acer laptop charging adapter


I'll look into getting another charger this holiday season then. Thank you.


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Have you got another charger you could try?

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It was the charger. Apparentlly I just had to get a new one. THANKS.


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