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How do I change the PRAM battery?


How do I change the PRAM battery on a PowerBook G4 Aluminum 12"?

And is it possible to order a new one from you?

Tried to look for this question on the site, but can not seem to find it.....

Thank you.



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The PowerBook G4 Aluminum 12" machines do not have a separate PRAM battery. It is integrated into the logic board (if you look at this picture, it's the short, wide cylinder below the curving of the grey frame).


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Thing is that I, not that long ago, purchased a new battery for my PB G4. It has been "mixed reviews" with the new battery when I come to think of it. But what strikes me more is that prior to exchanging the old one i never experienced these problems... So what you're saying is that everything is held up by the only battery since there is no backup battery for the PB G4?

By the way, thanks a lot for the fast responses here, very grateful for your inputs.


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Hey. I could be wrong, but this Knowledge Base article from Apple seems to indicate that the 12 inch G4 Powerbooks do not have PRAM batteries --

The chart shows a "n/a" under the "backup battery" column for the 12 inch G4 Powerbooks.

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Hi Mr790,

Thanks for your answer.

But then, how do I go about fixing the problem with the PB turning on and off by itself, dates going out of sync, etc...

I have tried zapping the PRAM but the problem persists :-(


If there is no PRAM battery, then the dates are being maintained by the main battery. My guess is that your main battery is dying or dead and probably needs to be replaced. Does it charge up? If so, how long does it last?


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