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Device and repair information for the 60" LED HD TV by Samsung released in 2013, model number UN60FH6003FXZA.

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Can’t change channels on my Samsung tv

Why can’t I change channels on my Samsung tv

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Happened to me last week after changing batteries with a no go, did a reset and all is working well now:

Factory Reset for Samsung Remotes

Perform a factory reset for yourSamsung TV remote by holding down the "B" and "C" keys on the remote until you see the remote light flash twice. Type in the code "981" to complete the reset. The TV remote can now be reprogrammed to your TV.

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while i would like to assume that you have tried everything i would just like to confirm this. with both the remote working on the tv and the buttons present on the tv and the fact that there is no external decoder or remote. if all of this applies please make sure to add this to your question as this clarifies this a person who might know where it is that the problem lies. even forgetting to put charged batteries in the remote can happen to the best of us.


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if you did check your remote and know it is working then the issue could very well be with the IR board. As addressed by martijn muntenaar make sure that your remote is working.

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