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The tenth generation Corolla (E140/E150) was released in Japan in October 2006. A narrow variant was available in Japan while wider versions were sold internationally.

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malfunction in the vehicle's charging system

warning light details. Indicates a malfunction in the vehicle’s charging system

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Some things to check:

With the engine switched off (and the ignition key in your pocket) check that the belt that turns the car’s alternator is OK and not broken or is slipping (lack of tension) and not turning the alternator. Here’s a video showing a belt replacement in a 2009 Corolla which may be of some help.

Use a voltmeter to measure that voltage across the car’s battery terminals with the engine running.

Be safety aware when you do this.

Put the gear shift in Neutral (or Park) and apply the handbrake (emergency brake). Also don't wear any loose clothing that may catch in the belt or fans.

A good voltage measurement is between 13.8 -14.5V DC.

Anything less than the lower voltage will cause the battery not to charge and anything more than the higher voltage will overcharge the battery and could damage it.

If the voltage is less than 13.8VDC with the engine running and the belt is OK there may be a problem with the regulator or the alternator.

If the voltage is higher than 14.5VDC there may be a problem with the regulator.

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