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Tablette haute performance lancée par Apple le 11 novembre 2015. Modèle A1584.

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IPad Pro 12.9 short on vcc_main. No schematics

Hi i have an ipad pro 12.9 sent in to me for solving Vcc_Main shorted to ground. The problem is I have no schematics on zxw. Can someone help me to share the ipad pro 12.9 schematics ?

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Hello Azim. Unfortunately, there are no known schematics for the iPad Pro. Our fearless moderator, @oldturkey03, did answer a similar question (Anyone got back light schematics?) a while back and he had found some images with some markings which may help you a bit. You could also ask on the Facebook Intro group or GSM Forum as you will get more varied ideas and opinions as well…who knows, maybe someone out there has seen a pattern in VCC_MAIN issues on the pro. Report back if you find anything so that we can all benefit.

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Okay thnx sir. Ill try to ask at facebook forum maybe i can find a bit information from there. And also ill report back here


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