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Un grand smartphone de LG, commercialisé vers 2014. Ce téléphone bénéficie d'un écran Quad HD IPS et d'une camera de 13 megapixel.

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Why is my battery health percentage so high?

Hi, I have downloaded accubattery to check battery health of my lg g3. I haven't used this phone in a while because the battery would drain in less than 3 hours and would take forever to recharge.. I didn't want to spend the $ to get it checked so have left it in a drawer and have it out agaun because i still love the g3! So on the accubattery app, my battery health is displaying 938% saying my estimated capacity is 28,153mah when the design capacity is 3,000mah . What does this mean and why would it do this?

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sounds like a bad battery, i guess just change your battery and you may be fine.

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I’d agree that it’s probably be a bad battery. Whenever you start using a phone again after a long period, let it charge overnight without touching it. the battery indicator will usually be messed up and it takes a while for it to reset. For continued usage of your phone, let the battery cycle. This means charge it fully, then use it until it’s almost completely empty (don’t let it get completely empty, this may harm your phone, so 10-15% should be good), and then charge it fully again without using it. This should improve battery life a bit, but honestly it’s actually really easy to replace the battery. You can use this guide (it’s dead simple) after buying a replacement battery, and then your phone should be working fine again!

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