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Version plus petite de l'iPad Pro original. Sortie le 31 mars 2016. Dispose d'un écran de 9,7", d'un processeur A9X et d'options de stockage de 32, 128 ou 256 Go. Disponible en argent, gris sidéral, or et or rose.

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How to get to recovery mode when iPad is disabled

My iPad 9.7 passcode is unknown and the device is disabled for an hour. Every attempt to get to recovery mode via iTunes or other does not work! Holding down the button and connecting to a PC only brings up the Apple icon and then the screen goes right back to the disabled screen again. It does not recognize iTunes or go into a recovery mode. Can someone please help? Thank you.

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Hi Cheryl, follow these steps provided.

  1. Turn off the iPad and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home button.
  2. While holding the Home Button, connect the USB cable to the device.
  3. Continue holding the Home button until the iTunes logo appears.
  4. If prompted with "The software on "iPad" needs to be restored to factory settings or updated", click Restore.
  5. I would suggest holding both the Sleep/Wake and Home button for 15 seconds before releasing the power button, but while still holding the Home button, connect the cable.
  6. I hope this helps Cheryl, and best of luck.
  7. `Alec

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i have hade a ipad that has been disabled and it did not help i dont know what will help to put it in recovery mode


@talia What model iPad do you have? Does it have a home button?

Home button:

- Make sure the iPad is disconnected and powered off.

- Press and hold the home button, while plugging in the USB cable at the same time. Keep holding the home button.

* If you’re still taken to the Disabled screen, start over again.

No home button:

- Press and hold the top button

- At the same time connect the USB cable and keep pressing the top button

* Again, if the Disabled screen appears, start over.

If the process to enter Recovery mode continues to fail, there are other issues in play here.


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