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Why is my iPhone SE reboots itself / won't charge?

Hi everyone,

After replacing my Iphone SE IOS 12.1.2 battery, I have the following issue :

  • The phone reboots itself every 5 minutes approx., while using it or not, plugged in or not.
  • The battery is stuck around 13% and won’t load

I’ve tried to :

  • Change the cable and charger, wall charger or USB plugged in my Mac -> same
  • Plug back the old stock battery -> same issue (what?!)
  • Softly brush the charging port to clean it-> same
  • Installed a new battery (so the 3rd one) -> same
  • Hard Reset -> same
  • DFU Restore -> same

Other :

  • The battery state is “Service” in IOS parameters (for the 3 batteries…)
  • Doesn’t seem to have this issue when plugged in my Mac, while in Itunes restore mode (the one with the Itunes logo on the phone screen). NOT 100% SURE.

Do you know what may be the cause(s) of this issue and what may be the solutions ? Maybe we can discard a battery issue as it appears on 3 different batteries.

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2 solutions

Solution retenue

There are some tiny components just above the battery connector. It’s not uncommon for them to get fully or partially dislodged during a DIY repair. One of them (highlighted) is critical for communicating the battery charge state to the CPU.

Block Image

If it is damaged or missing, it will need to be replaced, which requires a micro-soldering repair.

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That’s one very fine answer with an explanation and schema. And guess what : BOOM perfectly nailed it, kudos to you !

Block Image

As we can see this FL2400 component is missing, probably damaged using the plastic spudger. Now I have to find a micro-soldering repair shop nearby, too bad we are 7000km away ;)

Thanks again ! I really appreciate your help.

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7000Km? Pfft, that's nothing :>). My record to date is receiving something from 12 000 Km away (Zambia)


Nice ! Well maybe you'll receive one day something from France :p


J'espère bien, ça me ferait plaisir d'aider mes cousins!


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