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Subaru revealed the third generation Impreza at the New York Auto Show on 2 April 2007—both the standard naturally aspirated Impreza and turbocharged WRX versions were revealed.

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egr monitor never get ready to pass smog emission

no check engine no codes car runs fine but i need my tags to drive the car but egr monitor never get ready i try many thing even took the car to puente hill subaru and they toll me just drive the car they charge me and they do nothing for me

help what can i do

drive cycle done

replace egr valve done

clean egr passages done

egr vacuum solenoid done

knock senor replace

catalytic replace done

air fuel sensor replace done

disconnect ecm reconnect repeat drive cycle done

2000 miles drove nothing work

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The egr tube and /or the egr port in the throttle body may be clogged with soot.

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I would take it to a Subaru performance shop or someone who does ECU tuning. They will be able to program the ECU to run and pass the EGR instantly. Down side probably cost like 400 to 600 bucks. But for that might as well have them tune it so you won’t get a P0420 for a bad cat in the future.

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Subaru sera éternellement reconnaissant.
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