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Model A1200 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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hard drive replacement manual

I have searched the manuals and cannot find one on the hard disk replacement of the EMC 2111 24" intel imac.

I understand that there is one but cannot find it.

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Doesn't appear to be one on the site. But for what it's worth, here's a Macworld article by Kyle Wiens describing the process, though (along with links to other ifixit guides for similar models):

The key quote: "The later G5 iMacs and first Intel models are tough: They have nasty retaining clips holding the front bezel in place. Removing the bezel requires a flat pry tool, such as a credit card or ID badge. You also need to completely remove the LCD display and lower EMI shield before you can access the drive. Rating: Difficult"

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Someone woke this one up after 3years, I thought I might as well update the answer. The guide for the hard drive replacement can be found right here

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