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The Pocophone F1 is a mid-tier smartphone made by Xiaomi Inc, announced on 22 August 2018 in New Delhi, India.

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Do replacement glass screens come with led repair?

I broke my phone and the led has put lines down the screen and make it black. if i buy a replacement screen and fix it, will the led fix as well?

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I currently have a similar issue (although mine arose out of my own stupidity): I replaced my LCD screen and, in the process, broke the little connector cable of the notification/status-LED under the daughter board.

And lo and behold: the new LCD screen DID NOT HAVE THE LED PRE-INSTALLED. Now I'm also looking for a new LED and so far haven't found one. :-/

The LED+connector cable is a tiny part at the very bottom of the frame and only visible when the daughter board is removed, but it is clearly missing from all the replacement LCD screens with frame assembly).

So the short answer to your question (from my experience)is : replacement LCD screens, generally, do not come with the notification-LED preinstalled, even if they come with the frame assembly!

If I can find a replacement LED anywhere, I will let you know immediately.


UPDATE: I managed to find a replacement notification-LED at AliExpress. As a new customer, you automatically get a US $ 4.00 coupon, so the part currently will only run you US $ 3.95.

Note that international shipping may take a while though, depending on where you're located. In my case, it's an estimated 23 days (!) to Germany and no tracking... oh well. Trying my luck anyway.

Can't post the link, as my comment will get flagged as "inappropriate" and deleted immediately for whatever reason. But I trust, you will find it.



I have a problem with main board also what to do


L. Galling is the notification LED connected to the daughter board?


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I need to change the display my display is broken

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Yes, order a Pocophone F1 LCD

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Sorry, but none of the LCD screens from the google search have the LED preinstalled. So that can't be correct.


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