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The 6th-generation Surface Pro, released in October 2018. Available in platinum and black. Model number: 1796.

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What SSD is used in the pro 6

Can I upgrade the HD in the surface pro 6

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Anyone find the price hikes when going from 256 -> 512 -> 1Tb somewhat of a ripoff? 512 to 1Tb is a £350 jump.


yes. its total fraud. they are not even giving u the best SSD either


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Unfortunately, the NVMe SSD in the Surface Pro 6 is soldered onto the motherboard. Hope this answers your question.

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For the 128GB version, it is SK hynix HFB1M8M0331A (BC501) 128 GB NVMe SSD (see the teardown), and yes, it is soldered to the motherboard.

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