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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is a 10.1-inch Android-based tablet computer and belongs to the second generation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab series.

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Upgrading to latest Android version manually

Hi there, I have an old Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 with Android version 4.0.4. Nothing is compatible with it anymore. How can I upgrade it to the latest Android version please? I have checked and it says no updates available

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Thank you so much


Yes, you can upgrade to Android 6 Lineage 13.0, I have Samsung tab 2 10.1 with that


Thank you so much Stephen. Much appreciated. How did you upgrade please?


I have samsung tab 2 and playstore dont want to work


I too have a Samsung Galaxy S - model number SM-T800 - running Android 6.0.1

When I check the updates it says it is up to date.

I would like to download an Application - Imaging Edge Mobile from Sony, so that I can check photos and videos taken on my Sony camera HX60V - It says the software is not compatible and I require Android version 7 at least to install the software.

How can I update the Android Version on my tablet?


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here you go

you need to install a custom rom

Android is modified by the manufacturer to work on their device, because every device has different hardware.

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I have two Tab 2's - both at now too slow to use. Wanted to see if there was a way to update. the link above is marked Private.


This was rubbish. The video whizzed through so fast and without explanation so that it was impossible to follow.


the video has gone private


As others have said, the video is private.


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If you go to [http://|XDA’s website] by clicking the link it should bring you directly to the how to’s of the tab 2. there is all kinds of valuable info on this site and if utilized will hopefully give you a better understanding of your gadgets. Good luck!

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Thank you William. That link was incredibly helpful!


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Try googling (samsung android tab 2 update ) and it will tell you how and where to go

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