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Released in March 2010 in the US, the Pokewalker is an Accessory for Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver.

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Is it possible to transfer Pokemon on the Pokewalker to a new trainer?

I’ve been collecting these from friends and of course, they usually have an old file on them (pokemon that have been taken for walks). The corresponding cartridge’s save files are probably lost one way or another. Is there a way to send the pokemon to another cartridge?

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I’m late to answer but better late than never, right? Anyway, I have not found anything suggesting that it is possible to transfer Pokémon from walker to another, non-original, save file. I attempted saving a Pokémon when I purchased mine second-hand as well and Found no way to save them then either.

Sorry for the news. hope you have a good day nonetheless!

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