7th gen iPod Nano screen is coming loose

I have a 7th gen iPod Nano. The touch screen is coming loose, buckling up near the middle, and the back light can now be seen from both sides. I’ve read the teardown procedure. However, I’m still uncertain as to the best way to procede. What is the best way to fix this iPod? Thanks.

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The best way to proceed is to follow the instructions in the teardown procedure, or else find a local repair shop to do it for you. Based on your photo I'm about 99.8% sure that your battery is swollen. This is what pushed your screen out. Consider a battery replacement as a mandatory part of your repair. You MAY also need to replace the screen too; it looks like it has started to delaminate but it may be salvageable.

Note that swollen batteries are dangerous; swollen batteries can "explode" with lots of nasty toxic smoke and super-hot fire. If you opt to repair it yourself, use caution and work in a well-ventilated (preferably outdoor) area.


Thanks for the reply. I don't use the iPod much anymore. I just charge up the battery every few weeks to keep it topped up and from going dead. The battery is usually at about 75% of full capacity when I charge it.


Be aware that even if you don't use it, the battery can continue to swell and possibly burst.


Well, it’s gotten quite a bit worse! That was fast. I was hesitant to even turn it on. It looks like it’s about to pop. Should I cylindrically file it or is it likely still fixable? Should I stash it outside in a metal container? I certainly don’t want it to set the house on fire!



It's certainly fixable; you just need to be careful about it. The longer you wait the more it will swell (increasing the risk) and the more difficult it will be to repair it without rupturing the battery and damaging/potentially destroying the iPod. iFixit doesn't sell the parts but from ebay you can get a screen+digitizer (about $26), adhesive for same ($7), and battery ($10). On the plus side, disassembly time will be reduced since the battery has already done most of the work for you. Work carefully; if you can work outside (with a fire extinguisher nearby) so much the better.


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