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The Skullcandy UPROCK Headphones series were released in 2003. The Skullcandy UPROCK S5urfz-390 model was released in 2014. The Skullcandy UPROCK S5urfz-390 model is compatible with devices such as laptops, smartphones, mp3 players, and tablet devices. Repair for this device is straightforward and requires only common tools.

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3.5mm wire code with Blue, green, red, copper, and red & copper wires

Trying to resolder wires to the 3.5mm jack. I have 5 wires and everything i find online shows 4. I have Blue, Green, Red, Copper, and Red & Copper wires. Any help as to which gets soldered where would be greatly appreciated

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Hi @phil_a_show ,

Are you replacing the old jack?

If so do you still have the old jack and does it have any cable or wires still terminated on it, even an inch or so?

If so carefully strip the insulation about a 1/4" from the the ends of the wires terminated on the old jack and use an Ohmmeter to check for continuity between the individual wires and which connector ring they appear on in the jack, from the tip to the sleeve (TRRS jack tip, ring 1, ring 2, sleeve)

If one is open circuit it doesn't matter as long as the rest are OK you can work out where it goes.

Write it down as you find them.

Just a thought.


I have old jack and just need to resolder wires back. No wires on the jack, just the solder beads. Its a pair of SkullCandy headphones with mic. My guess is one is right speaker, another is left speaker, one is mic, one ground, and last mic ground


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Hi @phil_a_show ,

There are two “common” methods of connecting a TRRS jack

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

You may be able to work out which wire goes where by using the Ohmmeter or a 1.5V AA battery and some test leads.

I would start with connecting the Ohmmeter across the Green and Copper wires and see if there is a reading or connecting the battery on and off across the same wires and listen for the clicks in the left earphone.

If there is then at least you now know the wires for the “tip” (green) and possibly the “R2” or “S” (copper)

Next try the same with the Blue wire and the same copper wire and check if there is a reading or a “click” in the right headphone.

If there is then at least you now know the wires for the “R1” (blue) and possibly the “R2” or “S” (copper)

That just leaves the red wire and the red/earth wire which should be for the microphone.

This is where it becomes trial and error whether you connect the red to R2 and the Red/Copper to S along with the other copper wire or connect the red to S and the red/copper along with the other copper to R2.

If you get the headphones to work first before working out how the microphone connects at least you’ll know which connector ring is the Common (or Earth) connector. Then it is just a matter of determining which is the microphone wire (the red or the red/copper - is it a shielded wire perhaps?) and which is its’ earth return wire.

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Have you fixed it? Blue, green, red, copper, and red & copper wires, which wire is left, right, ground, microphone ? Could you answer me?


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