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Guides pour la version Wi-Fi de l'iPad Mini 4-modèle A1538. Annoncé le 9 septembre 2015, l'iPad Mini 4 est le successeur de l'iPad Mini 3.

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Where can I buy a display/battery connector bracket from?

Miss placed the display/battery connector bracket on an ipad mini 4 i was working on . Since i come across not having one before thought I should get a source for them . Instead of making one again. Thanks guys. !

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Have you searched on GeekBuying store?


Yes, only union repair had it. But from china. Any idea who much tariffs are now ? They didn’t give an amount so afraid to let them charge me whatever they want .


Import duties are charged by your country's customs based on the item declared value. There's usually no charge for smaller amounts.


I import from China all the time and there are no duties. I do have to pay a brokerage fee and my local sales taxes on the declared value of the items. However, I am in Canada and I don't know if the recently introduced "tariffs" on China by the US government have an impact on these kinds of parts. Even if they did, they should be relatively low.


@refectio There must be favorable agreements between Canada and China. In Europe one has to add 20/22% for custom duties based on invoice value, plus another fixed amount for custom procedures and paper work taken care by DHL that swallows another 20Us$ more or less. If one wonders why Europe is so expensive here's part of the answer :-/


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iFixit doesn’t appear to have it in their store. You can usually find these parts in China-based online shops. Check out this listing on UnionRepair or search on AliExpress (or eBay).

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@refectio Just noticed you've hit the 150K, great achievement. Thanks for all, learnt a lot from reading your aswers!


Thanks @arbaman, much appreciated!


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