Why is my Fit Meter graphing but registering 0 steps?

I've been having trouble with my wii fit meter since I changed the battery recently. It is logging my activity schedule but showing 0 calories burned and 0 steps. Frustrating, because I want to finish my walking challenges! I also wear a fit bit. Over the last two days I logged over 26000 steps with the fitbit, but only 800 with the fit meter. It looks like it logged more, but it zeroed out at random intervals. Over the last few weeks it has showed the data on the graph where I can see the active walking times, but for some reason some days it shows only a couple of hundred steps, others 0. What is going on? I recently tried resetting the thing on my profile and took the battery out and put it back in (I replaced it just last month, I don't think the battery I removed was dead either, but it was doing similar so I replaced it anyway). Should that work? I also have kids that like to sit on me and may be pushing the buttons when they do so. Does it reset the data stored on it if that happens?

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