Mid 2013 revision to the Xbox 360 line of game consoles, featuring 4 USB ports and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Cleaning out roaches from Xbox 360

I bought an Xbox 360 E use from someone on Facebook marketplace I did not know that they had a roach infestation so when I got it home and started pulling things out I noticed there were roaches eggs and a terrible smell how can I get the infestation out of the game system without ruining it I can only put raid on so many things

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What about freezing it? I’m worried about condensation . I also heard you could give it an alcohol bath. and will the smell come out


Last night I took a hairdryer high heat blew all the roaches out and then disassembled the unit blew out some more vacuumed them up with the shop back that I had read in the bottom I don’t see any signs of live bugs anymore but I want to clean to get the smell out thank you for your response and I’ve had it sealed up in a giant Ziploc bag since last night


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Get you a service manual online. Many can be downloaded online for free. See how to take to unit apart. Use electronic cleaner ( a can of CRC electronic cleaner bought at an auto parts store will do the trick ) to remove any bugs and things left inside the unit along with compressed air. Try to use an air compressor not a filled can of air they are not very powerful. Place the unit in a plastic storage bag or a trash bag and leave for 3-days sealed from air. Remove and enjoy.

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Clean it out the best you can with your tools, ( do it outside) follow the guide. After resemble and leave it in a closed zip lock bag any eggs should hatch within 24 to 38 days ( American roaches )

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