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The model UA40F5500AM is a 40-inch smart television produced by Samsung.

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Cannot power on, standby light blinking twice for 5 times

Samsung 40” inch Smart LED TV. Suddenly stop working one night. Standby light on. Trying to put on by clicking the power button causes the standby light to blink twice for 5 sequence in between delay.

Update (02/24/2019)

Block Image

Reading from connector CNM803

Pin 1 B13: 12.76V

Pin 3 B13: 12.75V

Pin 5 Vamp: 12.75V

Pin 7 Vamp: 12.75V

Pin 9 Gnd: 0V

Pin 11 B5V: 5.24V

Pin 13 B5V: 5.24V

Pin 2 P_DIM: 2.90V

Pin 4 ECO: 0V

Pin 6 BLU: 2.91V

Pin 8 Gnd: 0V

Pin 10 Gnd: 0V

Pin 12 A5V: 5.24V

Pin 14 PS_ON: 3.11V

Block Image

Block Image

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This is the video controller & T-con. Any pictures of the psu?


Picture of PSU is in the original Post. I added a comment to include the video controller and T-con board as a comment because it didn't allow me to add more than 1 picture in the original post.


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Thanks for the voltage readings however it is likely the psu, voltages will look normal when idle but drop when the psu is under load (power up). Have you checked visually the psu? Caps bulging etc.

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Yes. I had checked the capacitor. All of them looks good. Also test the diode (on-board). All these reading looks good too. How can I check if the voltages will drop under load? Any recommended test point to measure the voltage and when exactly to measure?


Replaced with a brand new power supply board. That fix the problem.


Glad you got it sorted :)


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Samsung does not officially support any blink codes. Start with checking the power supply on all connectors. Use the legend (silk screened on the boards) to do your measurement. Also, check all the fuses on the power supply. Next check the main board connectors and measure the power on the T-con board. Next to the connector from the main board is a fuse and you should get ~12V on that. Let us know what number your board is so we can at least try to find you a schematic for the PSU

Update (03/02/2019)

here is the fuse marked on your t-con board

Block Image

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Yes. I read elsewhere that Samsung does not officially support blink codes. Fuse on the power supply looks good and voltage measure looks OK without load. I.e. Measured from cable end that connects to Logic board. Board Model Number is L42S1, Part Number BN44-00645A. Didn't tried to measure voltage across the main board; will try that next.


Can't find the fuse on main board. Appreciate if you can post a photo to highlight location of that fuse. Thanks.


Hello everyone. I had exactly the same problem - solved by replacing the main board


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