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Beats Solo 2 Wireless headphones are a wireless version of the Beats Solo 2. Released in 2014. Model number: MHNG2AM/A.

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Dre beats Solo 3’s wireless light won’t turn on

I have had this new pair of Beats Solo 3 wireless for about a week now. The first time they completely ran out of battery I charged them up. Then, as soon as I plugged the headphones in, all 4 lights turned on and stayed completely on. I on purpose ran the battery out of them because the lights would never turn off. Then, I charged them up and tried to turn them on again. I turned them on, and the audio works, it connects to my phone. But, there is absolutely 0 lights that ever turn on. Plus, when connected to my iPhone it says the battery is always at 100%. I have reset the headphones about 10 times and have also updated the software. Can someone please help me with this, its a brand new pair and I would like some answers to why no lights ever appear on them.


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It sounds like you’r pair of beats where broken when you got them. Attempt to get a new pair from beats or where you bought it from.

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