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Sony Ericsson J108i features a 3.5mm headphone jack, 3G connectivity, and expandable memory.

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How to remove jpeg compression on my phone

how to remove jpeg compression on my phone:

SonyEricsson Cedar j108i

n how to improve internal speaker volume(quality)?

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karty, I am a bit at a loss. The link you attached tells you where to download the modified driver, and it tells you have to install it. So what exactly can we do for you with that?


thkz can u plz tell me the procedure? ?

i dnt getn wat dey rwr sayn :(


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The way I read the instruction on the forum that you posted, first you download the file " camdriver0.rar" Remember that you will have to register before you try to download that file. Then you use software called "farmanager" which is available here. After that, you will need the sefp2 plugin which is available here with instructions.

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....thakU :)


you are welcome ;-)


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