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Smartphone phare de Samsung, le Galaxy S9. Mis sur le marché en mars 2018.

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Can you replace the charging coil by shorting the leads?

I have lost the charging coil on my galaxy S9.

Since the whole coil just makes contact with a group of 7 contacts (is leads the right term?) is it possible to permanently solder the contacts in some pattern so that the phone “thinks” the coil is still there?

I need this because without it, the phone won’t charge. It gives a “battery temperature too low” (or high, can’t remember) warning.

Update (03/07/2019)

Hello and thanks. I had to run last night so I didn't put that many details but here we go.

from this picture on iFixit,

Block Image

you can see the charging coil to the right and the phone on the left.

then on the phone I’ll zoom to this,

Block Image

Those are the leads that connect with the coil.

I’m wondering if in the absence of the coil, I can short these leads in order for the phone to think the coil is still there.

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Can you please upload pictures of what you are talking about and I can better assist you please


thanks, I updated the question with images and more detail.


thanks, that is what I feared.

What I had done before as a test, was to use a multimeter to see which of the pads on the coil were wired together and then tried to replicate this by shorting the leads, but initial tests didn't work so I dropped the idea.

I finally found the coil on ebay (cheaper than $20, so I hope is legit) so I'll just replace.



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No there is no way to solder them together to have the device think that the wireless coil is installed.

bridging pins is a bad idea and you risk shorting the phone completely and possibly beyond repairable .

buy the replacement (it’s only $20) and fix it the proper way.

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