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Randomly turns off, anything like a stress test?

Good morning, picked up another PS4 original (4th or 5th to be exact) to repair and sell. So this isn’t my first rodeo in repairing these.

The unit I picked up looks flawless, never even opened all stickers intact, the guy claimed that after 3-4hours the unit shuts off. Got it home, looked quite dusty so I opened it up and blew all the dust out. Turned it on last night and all seemed fine, was rather late so I left it running overnight with just the home screen and this morning the unit was still running.

I don’t have 3-4hours to sit and play a game on it lol is there anything like a stress test that I can do to see what actually happens when and if the unit shuts down? Would playing netflix with a movie do it? I looked at the error log history cause the guy didnt even wipe the PS4 and none of the errors there seem important just DNS errors etc.

I’m guessing it could be the thermal paste, but I figured if I can spare myself from having to tear this open I rather wouldn’t.

Anyways, let me know what you think!

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Sounds exactly like a thermal issue. I’d grab some good thermal paste, like Arctic Silver, and tear it open and give it a very deep cleaning. I had an issue like this with an Xbox One, and cleaning it out did the trick. Hope that helps, good luck!

Edit: If you need to stress test, try playing a very demanding game, like Battlefield or maybe PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS. If anything is a stress test, PUBG sure is.

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Lol can the game somehow run on its own? I wan to let this thing run/play for a few hours and see if it turns off


@Jeepo23 I didn't think about the unmanned thing. You could just play the Battlefield Campaign to a place that's somewhat intense and leave it idle for a bit.


@reedcrosby thanks, ended up changing the thermal paste last night. All looks good. So your saying XBOX One's have a problem with this too? If so, will have to start looking for broken xbox ones


@Jeepo23 Yep! I got it for $50, then turned it around for $125.


Yah I picked up a XBOX One that wouldn't power on. Well altering examining the PSU and thinking it was at fault which it wasn't looks like i bought a dud XBOX one. Appears every time I plug the console to the PSU brick it turns the little PSU led light off.


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