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The Canon PowerShot A2000 IS is a 10-megapixel point-and-shoot camera with a 6x optical image-stabilized zoom lens. It was originally released in 2009.

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What to do for locked card warning(any sd card

what do i do if my camera says card locked ,no matter what card I put in? I have checked the tab on the chip and it is'nt that.

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Check that the card is seated properly inside the camera. It could also be possible that the memory card is damaged or defective, so try swapping in a different Secure Digital card. There is a little metal flap inside the card chamber that detects the lock position for the card. See if that is properly engaging. Sometimes you can re-position it with a paper clip etc. Here is a link to it Also, of course, check your user manual to make sure that it is not in the settings of your cam ;-) Good Luck

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the second tip was very helpful you'r the first one guiding it after searching an hour for this problem thanks


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Hello!, I have the EXACT answer for you. I also own the same camera. Watch this for help:

I actually figured how to unlock my sd card before i watched the vid!

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