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The MDR-10R is a pair of wired headphones released by Sony in September 2013. It is siblings with the Bluetooth version (MDR-10RBT) and the noise cancelling version (MDR-10RNC).

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Right ear works randomly

I have a problem with this headphones. The right ear works whenever it feels like it.

At first it started working again whenever I “tap” it from the side. Kind of hard. But now the “punch in the ear” technique does not work SOMETIMES.

It is so random that is hard to diagnose, sometimes they work flawlessly for hours, sometimes the right ear stops working 10 times in 30 minutes…

I opened them to see if any cable was cut but they all look fine to me.

I have them open in my desk right now if someone needs a photo of them.


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I’d resolder the connections on the drivers and check the wiring from the jack for continuity. It is possible that this is caused by a bad solder connections or a bad wire. Of course, test the headphones on another piece of equipment just to make sure it is the headphones that are having issues.

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Hey, sorry for the late response. I was (and still am) testing the results.

I resolded the connections on the right driver as you suggested. Could not test for continuity since I don’t have a tester. For now it seems that the resolder works. But I will keep testing them to make sure they are 100% fixed.

The welds looked OK, but it seems that they weren’t. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the help!


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