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The HP Envy 7640 is an all-in-one inkjet printer with a built-in scanner and faxing capabilities. It can be connected to your devices via Internet, WiFi, or a USB cable.

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Is it possible to improve, lubricate or replace the scaner roller

I’ve had the HP Envy 7640 all-in-one printer for a little over a year. I am wondering if there’s any way to lubricate, improve, repair or replace the roller located in the document feeder? I guess I’m asking if this is possible.. Much like you lubricate the roller-shredder on a paper shredder - using either the pre-lubricated paper sheets or the oil itself.. Thank you.

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If the paper is not being pulled into the scanner from the document feeder then it is probably dirty rollers. You can use rubbing alcohol on a lint free cloth to clean the rollers. You do not need to lubricate the rollers.

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