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The 5th generation of the Moto E Play smartphones, released in July 2018. Model numbers XT1921

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How to Replace LCD screen and Digitizer

I need a step by step guide on how to replace the LCD screen and Digitizer for my Moto E5 Play. Can you tell me where I might access these instructions? Video is preferable. I have searched but can only find videos for the Moto E5 plus which is not helpful. Thank you

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Try this video

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This is the e5 plus model here the video for the e5 play


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Do you already have the display? if so does the display come with the plastic frame or without it? If you can get a E5 Play screen with the frame i believe your repair will be way easier.

Anyways. i believe the E5 Play and E4 are more or less constructed in the exact same way. Dont take my word for it, i haven’t repaired a single motorola phone in my entire life (mostly because almost no one in my country uses motorola phones). But if you take off the battery cover from the back the phones almost look identical. If you’re somewhat experienced with phone repairs i dont think this should be a hard task.

Hope this helped and good luck :)

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The E5 Play comes in more than one model. Mine is the XT1920-15, there are others which have a slightly different size screen so take care when ordering.

The screen removal is like most phones a question of melting the glue with a hairdyer and pulling the screen out with a sucker or plastic splodger.

The LCD and touch digitizer are connected by two cables which pass through to the back of the case. The E5 play has two boards, a motherboard and a subboard which each have their own plastic covers, removable separately by removing a plethora of small Torq screws. Some screen kits come with the wrong screwdriver.

Both covers will need to be removed, as the digitizer connects to the sub board and the LCD to the main board.

Here comes the tricky part. The LCD cable has been hidden under a sticky plastic sheet, which needs to be peeled off to access the cable. While doing this I damaged another cable between the MB and SB which looks similar to the LCD flex cable.

Block Image

The LCD cable just pushes into its socket, while the digitizer cable has a brown clip which needs to be flipped to release the cable end.

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