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The Lenovo Thinkpad X240, released in 2013, fairly light and compact, and looks familiar to the ThinkPad Line. The X240 is notable for its clunky touch pad.

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FullHD display for Lenovo X240

Did anyone tried to install a fullhd display into X240? The one it has is just an HD and mine has a a small defect. I wonder if its possible to use a physically fitting 30 pin eDP panel (I’m thinking about LP IPS). One of the local parts sellers said lenovo has a whitelist limitations in UEFI thus I need to buy the panel it supports.

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I'v heard this mod being done on Reddit. I'm curious as well.

See this:


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I had to do some research myself to figure out… made a video about that…

long story short - you can use any eDP 30 pins panel that physically fits

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