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Released January 2016, Identified with the model KIW-L24 number

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Screen glitching with Huawei KII-LO5

So, I recently dropped my Huawei GR5 (About a month ago) and now it has this effect where, in specific circumstances, the screen will do this strange hybrid of the common 'colored lines' effect and what appears to be quickly mirroring and un-mirroring what's on the screen. Sometimes, when it gets really intense, a part of the screen will black out and only display thin green, red or blue lines.

Other times, it acts as a sort of damaged VHS tape, with white lines popping up and distorting the screen. These are much more tame than what usually happens.

The weirdest part is, it only happens in certain situations, when certain things are on (or off) screen. For example, on both YouTube and Netflix, when I'm watching a Netflix show called Patriot Act, camera angles that show the whole set will induce the glitches, except for when the playback menu is showing. And in a video game called TheoTown, when I'm in a certain part of one of the my cities and tap anywhere when the 'Remove' tool is selected, the really intense glitches happen.

One thing to note is that the part where the screen cracked in the first place, the bottom is where the glitches happen. The part above the crack is unaffected. Also keep in mind that the screen glitches actually slow down the phone itself.

Hopefully somebody can help me with this issue

Edit: I forget to mention that on certain YouTube videos, if I'm in portrait mode the glitches will get especially intense, but if I go fullscreen, it's all fine.

Edit 2: Here are some proof-of-concept pictures if my writing is a little confusing.

Block Image

Block Image

Also, some proof of my abundant clumsiness.

Block Image

Block Image

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I know it sounds weird but it still sounds like your only issue is your LCD so replace it and good luck.

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I was secretly hoping somebody didn't answer with just "replace your screen", since i've already had to do that in the past, but if that's how it's going to be, i'll get to work on replacing the LCD. If it's not too much trouble, i'm curious on why the screen only goes crazy when certain colors or logos are on screen, because i haven't been able to pinpoint any specific patterns on what sets it off.


I am assuming sometimes your phone sends more or less electricity through, so it can cause this when your screen is broken and cant handle it.


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