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The 5th generation of the Moto E smartphones, released in May 2018. Model number XT1944 and XT1920DL

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Something spilled on moto e5 XT1920DL

Spilled something on the speaker part of my moto e5 XT1920DL what can I do to fix it

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1 solution

It depends what the liquid was.??

ie. should it be removed and then dried or is drying an option just as is?

Power down ?

Normally, I have an Empty Jar and Silica Gel Sachets (what you get for example in anew box of trainers the little bags)

Put the phone in the Jar overnight

Failing that , A jar of Rice has dehumidifying properties which will work just as well

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While rice might sound like a good idea this is actually not the best idea. It just get's rice and dust all over the place.


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