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The Hover-1 Horizon is a self-balancing electric scooter that has built in Bluetooth speakers, LED headlights and a rechargeable battery. Model: HY-H2L-Hover-1 Horizon

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Hall Sensor on HOVER-1 registers faulty. How do I repair that?

After successfully calibrating my hoverboard I turn it off and then back on and climb in the seat of “the buggy”, the HOVER-1 seat attachment, I try to move forward by pushing gently down on both controls evenly. I start to move but suddenly the RIGHT side “gives in” and there is no response from that side. There seems to be zero power going to that wheel. It will work again for a moment after turning off/on but it always stops operating. When it goes out there is no resistance and does not spring back like it should. So running the diagnostic test on the HOVER-1 app it shows the screen labeled “A”.


So my question is '''what can be done about this? Does this typically mean I will need replacement parts or does it mean a lose wire?

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Did you ever find out the answer? I have the same exact issue right now and haven't found an answer!

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