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Toyota's 7th generation pickup, but first generation of the Tacoma branded truck designed specifically for the American market. Featured brand new sheet metal, new frame, fresh suspension and three new powerful engines.

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How do I remove a Brocken spark plug from a 2004 Toyota Tacoma?

How do I remove a broken spark plug from a 2004 Toyota Tacoma?

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Can you upload a few pictures of the area? And please confirm: gasoline engine?


Qyron, diesel engines do not use spark plugs.


I'm not in the US so I risked you'd have a gasoline engine.


Yes. Gasoline


4 cylinder 2.4 gasoline engine.


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What’s still stuck to the engine? Getting a glow plug from a diesel engine is not trivial (not that removing a spark plug is…) but glow plugs are smaller and you’ll either have to break down the engine and have the head sent out for a shop to remove that clump of metal from it or you’ll have to have a very steady hand to drill threads into the inside in order to create a base to secure a bolt head to unscrew the hole thing out. It is _not_ a simple task.

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@qyron This model did not come with a diesel engine


I misread your post.

You can remove the spark plug from the block using a special tool that is used to bite into the inside of the nut and pull it out. Just seach Amazon or Ebay for for it: it resembles a square file, with grooves cut into it.

The tool is literally hammered in to lock it in place and then it can be attached to a ratchet and used to unscrew the spark plug nut off. It's not a difficult operation but it will required a steady and a some nerves.

I wish you luck and a good work.


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The metal nut should still be intact. Just use a spark plug socket to unscrew it

Block Image

Any auto store should have the tool or a spark plug socket!

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Thanks for the help Meyer but I don’t think this will work. That fukn thing is stuck in there and I’m afraid I’m going to break it in pieces if I force it.

Is there like a special tool to remove it?


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