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Do I need adhesive to reassembly iPod?


I want to disassemble ipod touch 4 generation. You need to use heat gun to open the ipod. But what about reassembly it? do you need adhesive? And if I don't have? I never used adhesive before actually..


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YOu can open the font by heating it with a hairdryer for about 4-5 mins. Then use a blade to slide in the edge and try to lift from the bottom area near the home button, once you have enough space, use a guitar pick or similar to work the glue free from left and right areas of the home button. Do not force it as you will crack the glass otherwise, once you manage to get the bottom up about five mm you should be able to slowly lift the whole assembly upwards towards the top. Take special care not to rip the wifi flex or digitizer flex which are stil connected at the top end.

The adhesive you need to replace it should be 3M double sided adhesive, 300LSE i think, as sold for the iphone screens. 1 sheet should be more than enough to do the job. Try to clean the old adhesive off as best you can otherwise you will have troubles getting the screen to sit flush.

Good luck



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thanks a lot! :)


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So where is the adhesive at

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