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Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away XL Capacity, model NV755. It can convert from a push vacuum to a hand-held vacuum. Repairs and troubleshooting found here may also be applicable to models NV652 and NV752.

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Why is my vacuum not sucking its clean no blockage?

The vaccum suddenly stopped sucking. I cleaned the filters and hoses and all and made sure there was no blockage. If i put it out i can have the brush roller turn on and lights work but putting it up right only lights come on no suction from motor.

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I had the same issue. When I inspected the hose at the base of the beater bar, it had completely cracked, wide open. It is a fatal flaw on this model of vacuum. We are currently attempting to replace the hose, it is a royal pain in the bum. The only solution Shark had for this issue, was to replace the whole beater bar. I’m not willing to do that, it will just happen again. Check that hose at the base and see if that is the issue. Hope you find a solution.

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