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The third iteration of Lenovo's Yoga line of notebooks, similar in design and hardware to its predecessors. Designated by model number 80HE000DUS.

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Just doesn’t boot up!

Hi all,

Notebook used for just normal day to day activities. No Gaming, extra gadgets.

Has run into completely non-bootable state.

Normal boot: Every single time, dumps blue screen but with different error codes. Also, after dumping, hangs in the blue screen itself. Can restart only with hard press of power button.

Enter BIOS setup- using F12 doesn’t work most of the time. Often, System hangs at Lenovo Splash screen. When it goes into boot menu, can change values, but Save & Exit always hangs.

Sometimes: Occasionally, on hard restart, a message ‘system is being repaired’ comes just below Lenovo icon on the splash screen. Shows additional screen with options. Entering any options (recovery, reset, restore last good recovery point etc) always ends up in one more blue screen.

One key recovery: Following happens with each of these options:

  1. Normal Start up —> Dumps blue screen always
  2. Boot Menu —> Can enter, change values (e.g disable Fast Boot etc), but exiting with Save - F10 - always hangs.
  3. Boot Options —> Shows boot from hard disk & boot from USB options. Booting from HDD always dumps blue screen. Booting from recovery media (tried with both media created from Microsoft website as well as one bought from Lenovo service). But always hangs or shows blue screen .
  4. Recover system —> Always hangs. Hard restart is the only option.

Flashing keyboard: for past couple of days, most of the times I try to boot directly or thru one key recovery, screen stays blank, but keyboard lights keep flashing. Hard press restart is the only option.

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A blue screen of death is usually caused by a bad driver or otherwise corrupt operating system. So, if you are booting from an ISO image downloaded from Microsoft, you should not be seeing a blue screen of death.

If you install a bootable USB device but still get a blue screen of death upon booting, then your computer may be bypassing the bootable USB and booting from your hard drive instead. Please try booting from another ISO image, and make sure that the “Boot from USB” option is first in the BIOS boot menu.

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