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Clothes dryer taking 2 hours to dry a small load

My dryer is currently taking over two hours to dry a small load (2pairs of Jean's, 3 shirts and undergarments for 3 days)

All the heating elements work, the lint traps and hose have been cleaned out, the drum spins etc.

What I am wondering is, my washer and dryer are in a renovated pantry, vented to the outside, but has a door on the front. Is it possible that when the door closes the dryer is not getting enough airflow to properly dry the clothes? I usually close the door as it is loud and rather annoying.

Thanks in advance!

Edit - it is a maytag but I am unsure of model

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Well, it’s according to just how much air leakage you have going into that room. Seems like you are creating a vacuum by closing the door.

Run it with equal loads, once with the door open and once with it closed and see what your results are.

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Thanks! Trying it open now with a load of towels, next load to go into is towels as well so we will see! So far it's been on an hour and the are warm but not dry!


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