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The Pocophone F1 is a mid-tier smartphone made by Xiaomi Inc, announced on 22 August 2018 in New Delhi, India.

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Why from time to time I lose signal and get no signal and service?

a car run over my xiaomi pocophone f1, i replaced the screen(and frame) and then for few minutes anything seemed to be ok, but then i lost signal and had no network and cellular connection(the network sometimes works for a while and sometimes not).

this IS NOT a software problem, and i’m pretty certain that this problem caused by damaged hardware. i opened the phone and inside everything looks fine and fully connected(antenna etc), but maybe my eyes are wrong.

any suggestion what piece of damaged hardware can cause to no network from time to time?

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If you opened and the Antenna Cables and Connections are good, Probably is a Problem with you BaseBand, check if your Phone has IMEI. Check BaseBand Chip area in the Motherboard looking for damaged components.

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thanks friend. the chip looks fine, but maybe the antenna is actually damaged but looks fine, i ordered a new antenna and will check if this was the problem


Did you fins the problem

I having the same issue

When I turn on the wifi then the carrier signal is lost

When I turn off the wifi carrier signal is good

I tried also to open the phone and its all good looking

The I took tge same phone of my friend and put the circuit in side my frame and it worked normaly

The problem is on the motherboard

And I dont know if its a software prob. Or a phisicaly prob


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Just go and solve your problem

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