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Sony bravia KDL 43W800D red light blinks 5 times

Sony bravia kdl43w800D red light blinks 5 times. Called sony service technician he checked and told they will take to service center . Full panel or child card may be faulty. Pls suggest and guide about further course of action

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Lalit Sahoo  the 5 blink error code can have quite a few different causes. Ranging from the T-con board to a bad panel and a few things in between. If you have the original TV remote than try to see if this will work on your set:

1. In standby mode, press the following buttons on the Sony remote:

DISPLAY....5....VOL(-)....TV POWER

2. On the left side are the blink codes. On the right hand side is the error count.

3. Under 005, you'll see three listings... TCON, HFR, and P-ID (panel).

4. Let us know what errors your set shows.

If that does not work on your set, then you will have to remove the back of your TV and check the boards. Try to rule out/in the T-con board as faulty. Disconnect the LVDS cable to the T-CON board, the cable between the Main board and the T-CON board, and see if the error code will change. Let us know what the result is.

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Unable to find display button


Where is the display button on my Remote?


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Hi, my sony tv has the same problem but managed to go into self diagnose mode please view the screen give your comments sir. The tv boots up showing sony logo then will go into protect mode. Blinks red 5 times.

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