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La version plus grande du nouveau téléphone phare de Samsung, le Galaxy S8 +. Mis sur le marché en avril 2017.

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Are these replacement batteries actually 3500mah?

So I recently purchased and installed a replacement battery for my Samsung Galaxy s8 plus. My battery health was roughly 80% and I thought I'd go ahead and get a new one two years after buying the phone. The replacement battery that I just installed, and followed the instructions on charging and discharging, shows way less mAh then the two year old battery I just replaced! Fairly disappointed, what should I do? my old battery was supposedly still around 3000 milliamp hours this one is barely showing 2300 millamp hours. Picture attached.

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Andrew Stronach batteries maybe new but may have been in storage for awhile etc. All of this will affect a battery’s performance. there is really not a lot you can do. Either replace it again with your old one if you think it is better or just continue to use the one you just installed and recheck the performance in a few weeks,

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