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The De'Longhi EC155 is a Pump Espresso and Cappuccino maker.

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Why green light does not turn on?

I had this model about a year ago, I turned on the device and the red light turned on but the green light never turned on.

I opened it and change a thermostat that looked like it was bad, after a while the water flow started to decrease until I got the same issue again and got a new coffee maker.

Now I have the DeLonghi EC3240 and after a year and a half I am having the same issue with the lights again.

Is this is a known issue of DeLonghi coffee makers or is it an indication that something else is going on?


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A great place to start may be to descale the device.

De’Longhi has a descaling instructional video here:

It is recommended to descale process once every three months. If your residence has very hard water, you may need to do it as often as once a month.

If this does not fix the issue, perhaps De’Longhi’s Customer Service Support will be able to assist:

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I will try descaling and post the outcome here but in the video says that you have to wait for the green light to turn on which is exactly the problem I have, only the red light turns on and it stays like that forever, the green light never turns on to start brewing


I could do the descaling process, it took a long time to finish because the green light took more and more time to turn on (around 10 minutes each time)

At the end the problem persists, the green light turns on only for brewing coffee (after 10 minutes) but never for the steam wand.

I will try with DeLonghi's Customer Service.

Thanks Cooper


I have this same problem and my machine is brand new


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