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In January 1997, Lexus debuted the "High Performance Sedan" (HPS) concept at the Detroit Auto Show, previewing the design direction for the redesigned GS.

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The locks on the drivers side, front and back, do not work

I drive a 2001 Lexus GS 300. I was having problems with the drivers side door window and also the door locks for both the front and back doors of the drivers side. I was told that the multiplex unit was bad and the cost was astronomical. I was also informed that replacing this part would resolve the issue with the windows as well as the locks. I was able to find a used unit and had it installed. the drivers window is now working, however, the locks on the drivers side, front and back, still do not work. Was that actually suppose to resolve both problems? I didnt have a dead battery incident. Any suggestions?

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See if these videos help:

The part:

Here’s a discussion of the combined problem:

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