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Connu sous le nom de ''PS2'', c'est une console de jeux vidéo de sixième génération sortie par Sony au Japon en Mars 2000. Elle sera disponible plus tard aux États-Unis dans l'année avec la SCPH-30000. La réparation de cet appareil ne nécessite que des outils communs, mais peut s'avérer compliquer.

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PlayStation 2 Displaying Corrupt Images

Afternoon all. So I just got this unit, SCPH-39003, turn it on all all displayed OK. Then after a few moments the images became corrupt. I thought it was a dodgy video lead but I’ve tried 3 and all having the same issues (one lead of which I know works).

I have tried turning off the switch at the back and powering back on but no joy. I have tried with no controllers plugged in or memory cards and even another power lead but still having the same trouble. I had a brief second where it went back to normal and then went corrupt again.

I also tried loading a PlayStation 2 disc to see if it looks the same with a disc loaded and it displays the same problem.

Any advice greatly appreciated. Image attached.

Block Image


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2 solutions

It sounds like the graphics card may have gone bad or is going bad. I would return it wherever you bought it from. Otherwise you looking at replacing the logic board. In that case, sell this one for parts if you can’t return it and buy another one.

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Thank you. I will try and return it. Such a shame that it would go now.

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