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The iMac G3 came in tangerine, blueberry, lime, grape, and strawberry colors.

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iMac g3 boot from dvd

I have an imac g3 from 1998 I am trying to wipe the hard drive as I got the computer from a recycling place and am trying to reinstall mac os 9.2.2 on it. I cannot boot from the dvd. I only have a Microsoft keyboard and mouse. I have tried the “alt” key and on a forum someone said to use the “ alt” and “r” key. Nothing has worked so far. When I try those keys it boots up from the hard drive. Instead of going to boot menu.

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Tell us about the installation disk you are trying to use. What color is it? If it is gray is there a part number on it in the lower left hand area?


The disc is gray. It says imac mac os 9 install. The part number I believe is 691-3783-A.


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As soon as you turn the computer on, hold down C on your keyboard and it should boot from the CD. If that doesn't work, you can hold down option until the boot menu comes up and choose the CD from the list.

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