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A series of 40 inch LCD HDTVs by Sony.

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Sony 40rd453 annoying me with an intermittent fault plz end my pain

Hey guys would really appreciate some advice, I’m leaning towards buying a new main board but would love some reassurance to my problem else it could be wasted £££.

I thought T-con issue, but don’t think my TV has one.

The prob started last week, no LCD display only back light working< sound all fine etc.

done all the power resets no luck, but after taking it to bits and reassembling it (couldn’t see a problem) I left it turned off for a day and wallah it back came on though the image was distorted.

I factory reset it and it then decided to work all night with a perfect LCD display then died again the next day, the image distorts around the screen randomly when it’s about to go off or it will just keep distorting and jumping about until i turn it off.

I managed to the enter service menu when it would work and did a diag/check, the error it said was BE_12C error x20 and panel_12C COMM ERR x2 .

all other error types = 0

I believe the panel_12c comm errors appeared when i held the power button for a reset and got 5 flashing beeps twice cant guarantee that tho.

The BE_12C errors are increasing and up to 23 now

so last resort now i’ve rang sony got 30 mins of try this and that before quizzing the be_12c error and the guy on phone had no idea about it…. says it all about sony really as they made the thing….they did give me the addy of the nearest sony repair shop and said I will be charged…. no warranty.. nice of them.

finally theres not much to be found about BE_12c online i’m praying someone can tell me what part that applies to pretty please.

Cheers Pete.

Update (06/19/2019)

had full thing to bits again wiggled and messed with every connection, no cigar.

seems to of stopped been intermittent now it's just blue screen constant, I managed to find a service guide for it and made it worse really because you suggested the lcd could be dead and i was thinking mainboard but the manual suggests replacing the lvds panel thing at first... they are £20 same as main board don't really wanna throw £40 at it though when could be a dead screen feel stuck with it..arrgg

Update (06/27/2019)

hey no luck yet, the tele was on for 90 mins last night and 10 this morning, it’s gone off after a minute now . turning it on/off/on/off or leaving it for a bit seems to get it back on then it will stay a random time.

Does the BE i2c error mean mainboard comm error or something ? Think i’ve seen my board is a BBE board somewhere.

is that long pcd replacable as the way it attaches to those ribbon cables is worrying to me don’t have the tools for that, i think the only thing to do is just buy a main board and then scrap it if it doesn’t work.

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It is actually a BE_I2C error (letter capital i not number 1)


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I am not quite convinced that this is a failed panel. Sony uses the “PANEL I2C ACK “ for 5 blink which would be a Panel ID NVM Failure . Post some good pictures of your boards etc with your question so that we can see what you see. Ajout d'images à une question existante Since you have a blue screen but no signal I would be looking at the T-con board (yes your TV has one :-) after that the main board. Even if you try to get a pair of used boards it may still be cheaper than having to buy a new TV.

what are you referring to with this “the manual suggests replacing the lvds panel thing at first “

Update (06/21/2019)

It is actually a BE_I2C error and a Panel I2C COMM Error (letter capital i not number 1). The latter one is usually caused by a B board or Source board Error

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pics on way thx pal


the manual i was referring to was from a similar tv model with the same looking board nearly identical layout etc. It was a random google find which suggested for back light only issues to replace something with the LVDS first, then mainbaord.


I'd go with a main board first. No, that long board can not be replaced (unless you have a machine that can do TAB). That is your LCD driver board and is part of the panel.


Hey I took a punt for £15 on a main board - cheap skate I am :) seems to of done the trick though the TV is working perfect again after 2 days so far.

Thx for the assistance and if anyone else gets this problem change ya main board



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After viewing the repair manual for this particular TV it seems like this is likely one of two issues. Sony provides a chart that shows what the LED flashes mean.

Block Image

I would first check that the molex connector isn’t defective as this is likely the cheapest component. You can inspect it for bent pins but that most likely won’t tell you much. It’s not unheard of for these cables to just go bad over time. You might be able to wiggle the cable a bit while the TV is on and see if it gives you a display at all.

The other, probably more likely issue is that the LCD panel is dead/dying. These aren’t worth the time to replace and are generally too costly to do so anyway. Given the age of the panel this wouldn’t be all that surprising. You might be able to source a new panel but given that 55’’ 4K HDR TVs are like $300 I don’t really think it’s worth your time or the cost of a new panel.

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