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Should I self repair the TM5 scales?

The scales stopped working by just showing 0000 or max limit weight figures when pressing the lid down. A few days later the scales seem to have recovered its sensitiveness yet it appears to be too sensitive and readings show changes even when untouched.

Is it at all worth attempting to repair it or send it to be repaired?

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I had that exact same problem myself. The scale on the thermomix TM5 went from 0 to MAX, after some pressure on the thermomix.

In addition to this I had the selector button, which jumped from time to time when selecting times and temperatures.

I fixed it without really understanding how.

I disassembled the thermomix, until I got to the weight sensors, I didn't see any kind of residue anyway I blew on the inside of the legs, although the sensors are solid pieces of aluminium.

When I reassembled the Thermomix, everything worked perfectly, just as it did on the first day.

If it helps anyone.


To fix this issue, Start the TM5, start the Motor and unplug the TM5 for at least 15 Minutes (hard shutdown). The scale recalibrates after the restart and should work properly.


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Dear Jayeff,

Thanks for your reply. I had already visited ifixit (in fact that’s where we are!) and the link to Australia forum was of little use but for realising I am not alone. This leaves me with your suggestion to have it repaired by them. Not sure I am happy with that as warrant has expired. I had the thermomix wrapped up as it came on its first day for two years and only started using it 7 months ago. A 7 month life for a 1200€ device is a poor performance Mr Thermomix TM5!

Based on forums and personal experience I shall advise friends to go for cheaper alternatives.

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If it is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, I suggest that you get it repaired by them.

If it is no longer under warranty, here’s a link to the ifixit Thermomix TM5 Repair guide which may be of some help in opening the device to ascertain what the problem may be.

This link may also be of interest. It seems that you are not alone in having problems with the scales in this device.

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