touch screen not working after battery replacement

I replaced the battery in my iPod 2nd generation. The digitizer stopped working. Powers up but will not respond to touch. Im unsure what to do to fix it. Will start looking into checking all the components next. Is there somewhere I should concentrate my efforts on? Im sure I discharged myself before doing the work but all I can think of is maybe I somehow fried a chip in the process.

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It's more likely uve damaged the flex on the digi or it's not plugged in fully or is getting disconnected when clipping it back... if I remember these correctly the connector used to come off quite easily :)


Thank you for the reply. I have connected and reattached the connectors many times because I thought it might be that as well. I thought I may have damaged the ribbon cable but it was fine. I also got a new digitizer and it still does not work. I was careful with pulling it out and soldering the new battery in. I bought a newer iPod to use, but would still like to fix this one. Screen works fine, and connects to iTunes/computer. New battery charges and holds a charge. Replaced the battery due to not being able to charge it in any way, Just baffled why the digitizer is not working now.


Can u try to take a pic of the connector on the board and on the digi???


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